On the section page, the authors and technical reviewers enter the BSD flavours they are experienced with, for example:



FreeBSD 4/DragonFly/NetBSD

This is so we make sure we have technical reviewers who know some varied systems.

When editing this, remove the [[ brackets ]] from around the wikilink as they aren't needed.

Most of the book will not be BSD-specific. This is for the first BSD Certification which is for "BSD Unix system administrators with light to moderate skills." And the book will cover mostly generic skills.

The plan is we don't split the book up with too much "specific" stuff. If that happens then the topics/concepts aren't generic enough or the BSDs are too different.

There will be a few places where topics need to be split up, such as installations and documenting packaging systems, like pkgsrc (for DragonFly and NetBSD is the same), FreeBSD ports and OpenBSD ports. An introductory summary should cover the basic usages and should mostly be the same between the four different BSDs.