Configure data to be available through NFS

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Reviewer: Cezary Morga FreeBSD

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Be aware of the utilities associated with NFS and the security risks associated with allowing RPC through a firewall. In addition, be able to configure a NFS server or client according to a set of requirements on the data to be made available.


To configure NFS server to start automatically on system boot on FreeBSD add to /etc/rc.conf file: ""rpcbind_enable="YES" ""nfs_server_enable="YES" ""mountd_flags="-r"

You may add to mountd_flags the -p 800 to restrict mountd to listen on given port.

To configuring NFS server on OpenBSD add to /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.local: ""portmap=YES ""nfs_server=YES

Manual boot:


Sample /etc/exports configuration file: ""/home/exports -network -mask ""/usr/local/www -maproot=0

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More information

exports(5), nfsd(8), mountd(8), rpcbind(8) or portmap(8), rpc.lockd(8), rpc.statd(8), rc.conf(5) and mount_nfs(8)