Each section has a place to sign up at least two technical reviewers. Sign up by registering with this wiki and then edit the topic's wikipage to enter your name, contact info and mention which BSD flavours you are experienced with. The goal is to have at least two people that use different BSDs to be represented for each section.

The technical reviewers are responsible for providing feedback and/or assistance to the authors for the section(s) they sign up for. Please help the author reach the goals and deadlines.

There are a lot of related topics. Please check the table of contents to make sure you don't cover same information, do point to other related sections, or possibly just merge some sections (making sure details in concept are still covered).

Please test the examples and verify the output.

Add index terms and verify index terms.

Check cross-references.

If you wish, you may leave notes in the "discussion" subpage on the wikipage for your section. (Also, there are a few editors to manage the entire project.)