This project is based on personal ownership and involvement.

Each section has a place for a person (or people) to take ownership of it. Anyone can work on it. But by signing up for a topic, the author becomes responsible for goals and deadlines. (Sign up by registering for the wiki and the edit the topic's wiki page to enter your name, contact info and the BSDs you are experienced with.)

Please see the goals page to see what to write about.

Note: if you sign up for a "chapter," it doesn't mean you are responsible for writing the entire chapter, but just the chapter introduction and also making sure your chapter has related topics and correct order of topics.

There are a lot of related topics. Please check the table of contents to make sure you don't cover same information, do point to other related sections, or possibly just merge some sections (making sure details in concept are still covered).

Please don't change any concepts (other than punctuation, formatting or grammar) without discussion first, because the concepts must match up with the meaning as defined by the BSD Certification Group.

The authors can also seek the advice and assistance from their technical reviewers. Note: you may also have a chapter-wide technical reviewers also (so look at wiki page for the chapter your section is in). Also, a few editors are available to oversee the entire book project.

Authors who write at least 20-percent of the book or have a significant percentage of the writing may have (if okay with you) a "by-line" on the book's front cover and notoriety of having their by-line mentioned in various marketing materials.

A style guide is available. The document is written using Markdown with a few extensions.

If your section is too long, feel free to break it up into separate wiki pages and document in the table of contents.

In addition to writing, please add index terms and cross-references as appropriate.

If you have any general questions, feel free to post on the questions page or contact one of the editors. If you have any questions specific to your section, post to the "discussion" link via your section, or contact your technical reviewers, or place a TODO note right in your section itself.

List of Authors (as of Feb. 21, 2007)

I've surely missed some. Add your name, people! --- KevinDKinsey