Kevin D. Kinsey

E-mail: kdk_at_daleco_dot_biz

Who am I?

I am Kevin Kinsey, a FreeBSD user and consultant in Missouri, USA. I've contributed a very small amount of work to the FreeBSD Documentation Project. Although I'm not an "expert" on the BSD's, I'm pretty good with man(1) ;-) .

What am I doing writing this book?

I'm currently slightly less than, er, fully employed ;-) I've done a good bit of writing, both technical and otherwise, in every job I've held and in my current "self employed" enterprise as well. It seemed that not too many people were involved in the wiki project at first glance, so, (barring extensive participation by others) my goal is to produce a large amount of quality text as quickly as possible to "flesh out" the wiki's outline and then allow others to do editing and technical review.

If You are Reviewing/Editing My Work

First off, "fire away"! I'm not investing any ego in this at all. Keep this in mind:

  1. I'm a FreeBSD'er, so if you are user of another branch, check carefully that the work is general enough to cover your situation! Otherwise, we may need to do some "splitting" within the stories (and that's fine with me!)

  2. Technically I'm probably in this book's "target audience", that is, I'm not a highly experienced BSD guru. If you are, please give things a read with a keen eye toward technical accuracy (but without going too in-depth). I'm trying carefully to give enough information to give a junior sysadmin a good background, without going into so much detail that his/her head might spin!

  3. I tend to be verbose. Cut the extra stuff, but leave some meat --- junior sysadmins are hungry!