Hmm, significance of du(1) in this context? I can't think of any time I'd use du(1) to examine mounts on the hierarchy. Data size, yes .... -- KevinDKinsey

Thanks. I am asking the Group about it (as it is from their document). I will let you know. I suspect we can refer to df(1) instead to see mount points and point to other two sections for using "df" and to see NFS mounts. --reed

Okay, I received answer from the Group and I changed that. I added details about using df instead. If that is too much, maybe we can move to other section. --reed

doesn't look bad to me at this point (cursory examination). --KevinDKinsey

Looking at manpages with the web interface; all the systems can use "df -t nofoo", so think we can omit the "on Net and Dragonfly" reference, as there will be enough of those in the installation chapter ;-). whadya think? -- KevinDKinsey


Lots of overlap with the other "mount" page/objective. --- KevinDKinsey