Create, modify and remove user accounts

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Reviewer: Sean Swayze FreeBSD/OpenBSD

Reviewer: Alistair Crooks NetBSD


Managing user accounts is an important aspect of system administration. Be aware that the account management utilities differ across BSD systems and should be comfortable using each utility according to a set of requirements.


TODO: maybe section Protect authentication data can cover vipw.

Details about the password database are covered in section Protect authentication data.

TODO: this section is BSD specific, so break it down briefly for pw, adduser, useradd, etc per BSD flavor

Managing user accounts on openbsd

TODO: point to section Change a user's default shell about chsh, chpass, chfn which can do some of the same. TODO: also section Lock a user account or reset a locked user account is related. We need to put these four sections together in book


Practice Exercises

More information

vipw(8); pw(8), adduser(8), adduser.conf(5), useradd(8), userdel(8), rmuser(8), userinfo(8), usermod(8), and user(8)