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BSD Associate Exam

This section answers: "What would I expect a junior BSD system admin to know about these objectives and demonstrate usage of these commands?"

BSD Professional Exam

The section for the BSD Professional exam starts here.

If you want to help develop the BSDP exam objectives, see the these guidelines. The guidelines for writing the BSDP exam objectives are different from the BSDA objectives, so please review them before you start writing.

The BSD Certification Group is planning both a written exam and a hands-on lab for the BSD Professional Certification. The exam will be in the same format at the BSD Associate exam (paper based exam with answer sheet).

The hands-on lab is expected to be a collection of exercises that the candidate will perform using multiple networked BSD systems set up in a virtual environment. Details on the actual lab are still being worked out.

Because the lab will be a timed test, the exam objectives material for the BSDP Exam includes time estimates. These estimates are intended to help guide the candidate in sharpening their skills to perform the listed task quickly and efficiently. You should use the time estimates as a guide only. The actual exam times may vary from those indicated here.