The book is converted from Markdown to LaTeX to a nice PDF almost ready for sending to the book printer.

Periodically, an updated PDF will be generated so authors and reviewers can have a look.

Note: the final book will not include the names of authors and technical reviewers with every topic. This is only in the development of the book so we can keep track and know who to contact. The final book will list the authors and reviewers in the Credits section.

Note that the conversions is currently mostly automated with new hacks/filters/work-arounds scripted in as needed.

When the final writing goals and deadlines have been reached, the final book formatting will manually tweaked as needed using LaTeX to make sure it is ready. (Also a book cover may already be available.)

Some potential problems include:

  • text outside the margins -- fixed by using proper word-wrapping and LaTeX magic :)
  • wrong page headers (left over from previous section) -- fixed with some LaTeX magic :)
  • page numbering starting on wrong page -- easy fix :)
  • junk formatting -- keep it simple by following the style guide and be careful

The downloadable PDFs are here. Note: some old versions may be periodically removed.