PDF building HOWTO

Could you please share with me how you build PDF version of your book from Markdown sources? I hope it's not secret :) In my opinion it's very valuable information not only for me, but also for many ikiwiki users. --Pawel

I will need to document this when I have time, but here is a brief outline:

  • custom Markdown that provides [[WikiLinks]] support and my custom code blocks \"\"

  • custom HTML::Latex perl module that provides handler for custom code blocks -- it used a "lyxcode" environment which borrowed from LyX and put into my TeX template

  • custom html2latex.conf configuration to make sure that the HTML converts to the correct TeX

  • a bunch of sed magic to clean out junk and to convert some stuff (in the HTML and TeX).

  • so basically I use custom Markdown to convert the original content to HTML, then convert that using html2latex to TeX (so nothing related to ikiwiki other than my two custom Markdown extensions).

Thank you very much for your brief! It's sounds a bit complex for me... I hope you find some free time soon ;)

Note: there are some tools to convert Markdown (derivatives) direct to PDF and for direct to TeX. But I haven't tried them (yet).


Really? I've never heard about them. So, thanks a lot for the hint! I hope the tools work good and there are easier in usage :)