Announce Writeathon #1

Please announce the writeathon. List where it has been announced here:

  • bsdcert list (done 22/Jan/2007 and 26th)
  • seabug list (done 26/Jan/2007)
  • Phoenix BSD list (done 26/Jan/2007)
  • FUG-BR (done 26/Jan/2007)

Announce project, find contributors -- First marketing phase

An announcement is available that you can use.

Contact the following. Please note when announcement has been sent/submitted to each:

  • freebsd-doc (done 04/Jan/2007)
  • netbsd-docs (done 04/Jan/2007)
  • docs@dragonfly (done 05/Jan/2007)
  • bsdcert (done 04/Jan/2007)
  • (done 05/Jan/2007)
  • bsdnewsletter (done 05/Jan/2007)
  • slashdot/bsd (submitted by cyberbian 06/Jan/2007)
  • (done 05/Jan/2007)
  • FreeBSD wiki (inside link done 08/Jan/2007)
  • DragonFly Digest (done 04/Jan/2007)
  • #freebsd on Freenode (done 05/Jan/2007)
  • #bsdports on Efnet (done 06/Jan/2007)
  • #bsd on Efnet (done 06/Jan/2007)
  • chat@freebsd (done 09/Jan/2007)
  • pcbsd forum (done 08/Jan/2007)
  • netbsd-advocacy list (done 11/Jan/2007)
  • bsdnexus forum (done 12/Jan/2007)
  • hubert's NetBSD blog (15/Jan/2007)
  • bsdnews (18/Jan/2007)
  • bsdtalk (interview on 12/Jan/2007)
  • Dru's blog (21/Jan/2007)
  • freebsd-advocacy list (done 26/Jan/2007)


  • undeadly
  • dragonfly wiki
  • any OpenBSD wiki
  • netbsd-users
  • www@openbsd (maybe)
  • bsdcert-announce
  • bsdcert monthly newsletter
  • bsd
  • where else?

Status Report and announce Writeathon #2

Press Release on completion

(Press releases for publishing of book or other uses will be done by those doing so.)