bioctl of OpenBSD is not tested on in BSDA Certification? If i had to guess, I would say no single raid management tool is tested on, but I can guess you would have to know the answer to something like "Can you make a raid level 1 of five disks", or "does a raid level 0 provide parity"? So clearly describing the raid levels 0, 1, 3, and 5 seem very important.

Seeing the usage and output of the various raid management utilities, however, provides somebody completely unfamiliar with raid how it can be managed on a BSD system. I should hope nobody should know how to write a .conf file, or the various -switches of each tool.

Each solution should be covered with an introduction paragraph, but lets not scope on covering usage and examples for each one. This is daunting, and would create an entire chapter book. For each solution, show how to check the health of a raid set or device. Lets keep this short and clear. -jdq

  • On the above note, I've added gvinum to the section headers, as vinum is obsolete on FreeBSD. Should I have done so? Also, note that the vinum control tool is now vinum(8) on NetBSD, and gvinum(8) on FreeBSD. --ceri

It looks like this section might be getting to advanced for the BSDA (Associate) admin with "light to moderate skills".

This section should quickly:

  1. explain the differences between RAID levels 0, 1, 3 and 5
  2. quickly describe the utilities available to configure software RAID on each BSD system.

A few examples may be fine -- but please focus on the defined "concept" and the admin with light to moderate skills.

(I can check the original survey results on this.)

Anything extra here can be put into a new wiki page (which maybe in future could be used for BSDP Professional study guide). Let me know and I will start a folder for that.

Any advice or comments on this?


Agreed. We can cut examples all together. Its best to start with alot and trim at the end :) -jdq