Thanks for the content. I am not sure how detailed this should get for a beginning admin with "light to moderate skills". On the job task analysis survey this ACL was asked about twice (on accident) and the results show it is somewhat to very important for the Intermediate/Advanced Admin. But not much for the Junior Admin (or novice admin).

We need to figure out how detailed into ACLs to cover for this beginning study guide. (Note that later there will be a Certification for the advanced admin, but for now the BSD Certification Group is first covering the junior admin.)

Anyone else have comments on this?

(I will ask about this to the BSD Certification Group members too.)

Also there is another page about standard Unix permissions and we can point to it if needed.


Follow-up ... I discussed this with the BSD Certification Group and may have a slight change to this concept -- no "modify" and no setfacl. Once we clarify this (probably within today), I will update the concept in your wiki page. And I will make a new wiki page to put any content that might be useful for a different "advanced" admin study guide. Thanks again for your work on this; this will only have a minor change on your writing. --reed

I started cleaning it up but needs some examples of viewing ACLs without the beginner creating them in this article. Note I renamed the section title. --reed