Notes from Jacob K:

lpc: line printer control program

lpq: spool queue examination program

lprm: remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue

printcap: printer capability database

chkprintcap: check validity of entries in the print spooler database

/etc/printcap default printer capability database file

/var/spool/* spool directories

/var/spool/*/lock lock file for queue control

View the print queue: TODO

Manipulate jobs within the queue:

-lpc bottomq printer [jobspec ...] takes specified jobs and moves them to the bottom of the queue

-lpc topq printer [jobspec ...] takes specified jobs in the order specified and move them to the top of the printer queue

*see lpc(8) for jobspec descriptions

jobspec can be numbers (17), range of numbers (21-32), a specified user ID (jones), a hostname (, a job range and user ID (jones:17 or 21-32:jones), or a comination of the above.

Recognize the meaning of the first two fields in an /etc/printcap entry:

First field - printer name

Second field - printer description