Thu May 27 08:29:17 EDT 2010

The BSDP Objectives page is now underway.

See for details.

Jim B.

Should the table of contents be in an education approach manner or strictly adhere to the cert docs?

It should be in the order best for education, step-by-step. Yes, it should be re-ordered. Please share your suggestions here or make changes to it directly. --reed

Is the term ''security level'' preferred over the term ''securelevel''? I am rather looking for the second term when looking for information about that. --?RolandIllig

I think we will use both. Looking at init manpage as one example, it uses "security level" a lot more than "securelevel". The NetBSD's secmodel_bsd44(9) uses both. options(4) and many kernel config comment's use "security level". I will make sure the book's index has both. By the way, the thing I don't like is when a "securelevel" is called a "runlevel" or "init run levels". --reed