The concept was not very clear about "using the possibly third-party sudo".

It is not third-party on OpenBSD. So maybe "third-party" can be removed. And mention it is included with OpenBSD and available with thert other BSDs via their package collections

By the way, the "Concept" section is based on the objectives from the BSD Certification Group. It is just a reference for what should be covered. You can comment out the entire Concepts section once you think that they are all covered and it has an adequate introductory paragraph or sentences.


Point taken, tyvm. --KevinDKinsey

re: "user@host" syntax

I must have been writing while playing an RPG or taking cough syrup:

"depending on your environment, you can simply "ssh myserver" and it will know who you are."

Maybe my understanding is less-than-clear. ssh(1) will use your identity on the local machine, is that correct? Back to the manpage, I guess. My username is the same on most all my machines, so I'd never given it much thought.