Commit 1.8 log said: "Don't imply that a whois query constitutes any kind of DNS query"

I guess this a something TODO for this topic. So mentioning it here.

Actually no. Ceri rephrased that part and this is just a comment. --CezaryMorga

Thanks. I now read about that below. I overlooked it. --reed

We have a few DNS sections, so we need to make sure they don't duplicate topics but point to section as applicable. Such as Query a DNS server and Understand various "domain" contexts. Also we may also move these topics next to each other in the book. --reed

There's still one thing that needs defining here: whether this section should contain information gathered only from an IP address or also from a domain name. If the first one - the title should be renamed to inform that this is only about IP queries, 'cause now it is a bit misleading. If the latter - it would require adding information on most typical DNS queries, and it would de facto duplicate information found in the other DNS related section(s).--CezaryMorga