First off, I need to read what's already been written in this chapter re: adding users. However, the following things come to mind rather quickly:

  1. In "more information", I changed the text to "useradd(8) or adduser(8), because FreeBSD and (I'm gathering from reading their docs) NetBSD use adduser(8). AFAICT, on both these systems it's basically a wrapper for pw(8). I'm guessing that useradd is the OpenBSD wrapper for same?

  2. Is usermgmt.conf(5) the OpenBSD analogue to pw.conf(5)?

  3. It may be necessary to show examples from multiple OSes here?

  4. Finally, looks like I need to discuss "pw -d -k /path/to/altskel" or "-m -k /path/to/altskel"?

  1. That "more information" needs to be more clear for which flavours. Thanks. NetBSD does not have pw nor adduser. OpenBSD's adduser manipulates master.passwd directly.
  2. usermgmt.conf is for NetBSD and OpenBSD and yes it is basically same as pw.conf.
  3. Yes, examples that differ. So don't repeat pw examples for both FreeBSD and DragonFly. And don't repeat "user" (useradd) examples for NetBSD and OpenBSD. I think adduser is similar enough on FreeBSD, DragonFly and OpenBSD to only show on one flaviour also.
  4. I may misunderstand you. Do you mean "-d /path/to/home"?


I'll need to check Open/Net manpages. On Free you can use "-k" in conjuction with "-d" or "-m" to set an alternate skel directory for the current incarnation of pw.

The page says OpenBSD uses /etc/dotfiles. I don't see any reference to that on google (other than this bsdwiki).

Both OpenBSD -current and OpenBSD 4.x source install:

    cd skel; \
            ${INSTALL} -c -o root -g wheel -m 644 dot.cshrc \
                ${DESTDIR}/etc/skel/.cshrc; \
            ${INSTALL} -c -o root -g wheel -m 644 dot.login \
                ${DESTDIR}/etc/skel/.login; \
            ${INSTALL} -c -o root -g wheel -m 644 dot.mailrc \
                ${DESTDIR}/etc/skel/.mailrc; \
            ${INSTALL} -c -o root -g wheel -m 644 dot.profile \

The OpenBSD useradd.8 man page refers to /etc/skel/* and the code has: /etc/skel as the default skeleton dir. --reed

Pretty sure I found that example on Google, and written by someone who maybe should know better; some sort of FAQ IIRC. However, I've no stake in this; fix as you see fit. (It does seem like indications were that the piece was written in 2001 or 2002). If all the information is bogus (or obsolete), delete it all, no problem here. I hope to get back on the wiki later this week.