probobly should cover a summary of sections: 1.5. Arrow keys 1.7. Getting out of the editor 2. Moving around in the file 3. Making simple changes 5.1. Writing, quitting, editing new files

Notes from Jacob K.:

:w write

:wq write, quit

:wq! force write, quit

:q! quit, ignore changes

dd delete whole line

:y yank the current line

p put after the position of after the line

x exit, saving changes

i insert before the cursor

a append after the cursor

/ - search forward for whatever follows the /

? search back for string

1G move to first line of file

G move to last line of file

nG move to n line of file

:n move to n line of file

: - enter a command

:r read file in after line

ZZ exit and save changes if any have been made

:set number - sets lines numbers on each line

:set list - TODO